Founder| ASMRtist

Tinglear was founded by Bupe an ASMRtist who goes by Trigger Happy ASMR who began his journey being a social media influencer, spending many hours studying ASMR . After watching being inspired by ASMRtists like Dimitri (Massage ASMR) , RaffyTaffy and Mickelous Productions, Bupe took the leap to creating content to aid many people to fall asleep.  

Musician, Youtuber , and Asmrrtist

I’ve always been a person who really struggles with sleep, that’s why I’m always finding and creating ways to improve sleep, I know there’s a lot of ways to treat insomnia unnaturally but unfortunately most of those ways have some type of drawback in the long-term, that’s why I believe only in solutions without the use of medication. I know the pain of insomnia too well. “

“Whether it’s with sleep headphones for use while listening to ASMR or with Tinglear’s eye masks and pillows that each have special functions that solve sleep related problems like trouble sleeping while traveling or getting too hot while sleeping or problems that arise from pregnancy. Tinglear is all about providing you with what you need to ensure that you get a great night’s sleep every single time you go to bed.


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