How To Lucid Dream


Lucid dreaming is that kind of a dream when you yourself know and understand that you are in a dream. It can be a quick short thought or it can also be a full-fledged perspective of where you are and what’s going on.
A dream-initiated kind of lucid dreaming is one where you are in your dreams and suddenly, you just get to know that you were in the dream. The wake-initiated dream is the one where you go from awake to dreaming without apparently having any difference whatsoever to your conscious state.
Instead of being the audience at the show, we could become the players of the act.
Try the following to get some Lucid Dreams

  • Keeping a Dream Journal

Write down your dreams or even just record it as an audio log as soon as you get back to reality. Try your best at catching all the significant as well as less significant points in there. This could help you in just one obvious way. You could find similarities, differences and analyze your dreams further. This would also help you remember your dreams and also find patterns.

  • Reality Checks

Get used to the habit of checking if you are dreaming or living it. Use some sort of reality check. Once you get into a habit of doing this every so often, you’d even start doing it in your dream which could help you gain some control over perception.

  • The Mantra

Chant the phrase “I will be lucid dreaming tonight” in your mind. Make sure you feel every word of it. Keep telling yourself the same thing repeatedly. This could induce yourself to feel more confident that you are going to see that dream tonight.

  • Notice the Patterns

Go through the dream journal and find the patterns or signs that repeat through the dreams. Getting familiar with these could help you find them more quickly in your dream, hence make you better aware about your dream.

  • Go Back after you wake

After you’re done writing your dream into your journal. Try to get back to your dream. Go back to sleep. Focus on the place the feeling, the situation you were in. This could help you get to a lucid dream.

  • Fancy buying a light alarm?

Buy light-based alarms that could make you aware of your dream. Don’t buy a sound-based alarm, it’ll wake the hell out of you. I reckon there are “DreamLights” in the market that are designed to help you dream lucidly. Studies suggest that light cues are most effective, although sound and touch, or other such stimuli could also work at making you aware.

  • Try the REM timing

REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) starts about 6 hours after you fall asleep. Now this could vary for different people depending on the different kinds of sleep they have. Wake up at this time and get active. Charge your conscious mind and go to sleep. This could help as well.

  • Meditate

Meditation will help your mind achieve focus on what you do.

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