How To Learn To Enjoy Boredom

Meditation has been around so many thousands of years and is a practice that has been used all around the world for it’s incredible benefits. It allows you to create synergy between your mind and body, reduce anxiety, and allows you to get used to the feeling of snapping your focus to a certain point and being present rather than getting lost in the la la land of thoughts. A couple of decades ago scientists thought of it as just being some imagined Hocus Pocus but like with every single scientific hypothesis it took a complete U Turn .

Listen, I’ll be the first to admit I thought it was a bunch of pseudo new age bull sh**. I would see these spiritual videos and think what a load of absolute rubbish but then I decided to delve in deeper when I was struggling with my mind goals not matching with my actions.

Most of my work takes place on a computer, and my only boss is myself. So with that being said, my boss started slacking off, he would let me spend hours and hours on end watching silly cat videos, or something as equally cute and unproductive instead of doing my work. I would go on Facebook telling my self I would only spend about 3 minutes to read my messages, and quickly I would end up on my news feed going from video to video. Seriously Facebook and Instagram are so addictive, and were designed to be.

Time would pass by and I would waste hours until the point I realised I need to make a change, I need to increase my will power and get rid of my addiction to instant gratification. So I thought “what has the absolute opposite of the dopamine releasing” and the idea to bore myself beyond my limit came to me. So I started making myself feel bored on purpose like going for long walks for around 4 hours trying not to have a single thought.

It turned out to be an absolute success because whenever I’d think of stressful or thinking about the future or what not, my mind would snap back to the pain I was feeling in my legs. Kind of crazy I know, I did that for maybe a few weeks and noticed my will power was increasing but my joints were on fire, I was on the brink of turning into the one punch man with the amount and distance I was walking, I noticed I started being more productive as a symptom of pushing my self past my threshold for border, and learning to push that boundary led me to picking up new habits like reading books, learning new hobbies, spending every day learning a new thing, and spending an entire day working and enjoying it! Things I had never did before. Simply because I started enjoying being bored and in turn activities that were boring before became my form of entertainment.

If you’re not a person who can sit down and meditate for hours or 30 minutes like me I highly recommend taking long walks and just focusing on the feeling of your muscles and how they contract. I don’t advice to go as extreme as I do by going to the point of allowing pain, proceed with care.

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